Biology and Health

The Mathematics for Biology and Health group brings together IMT members interested in mathematics applied to biology and health in general, and more particularly in the following three areas:

  • deterministic and random modeling for the study of complex systems,

  • mathematical methods for imaging,

  • statistics for biological and medical data.

Deterministic and random modeling aims at describing the functioning of complex systems, in particular by modeling the interactions of different components (or agents) at different scales. Our research topics include: analysis of PDEs (kinetics, reaction-diffusion), ODE systems, study of stochastic processes (branching processes, birth and death, Hawkes processes, etc.) with applications in ecology and evolution, epidemiology, collective movements, population dynamics, neuroscience, cell migration.

In image analysis, we develop mathematical methods using geometric partial differential equations associated with standard signal or image processing tools, as well as graphical representations facilitating the man/machine interface.

In statistics, we develop models, methods and algorithms for the analysis of biological and biomedical data. The research topics are: biostatistics, statistical learning, integration of heterogeneous data, supervised and unsupervised classification, multiple testing, adaptive intervention, patient follow-up modeling, missing values, detection of atypical regions. Application fields include genomic and post-genomic data, neuroscience, clinical trials, epidemiology, and public health.

Some members of the group are also involved in the Genotoul biostatistics platform.