The dissemination of mathematics is part of the activities of the IMT. A Dissemination of mathematics unit has been created in 2021, composed of Marie-Laure Ausset, Xavier Buff, Guillaume Chèze, Sébastien Déjean, Etienne Fieux, Sébastien Maronne (resp.), Guillaume Loizelet. It can be contacted at the address diffusion [at] math.univ-toulouse

  • A series of conferences for the general public is given every year since 2020 dans le cadre as part of the Fête de la Science ;

  • The Students Research Colloquium offers lectures on the dissemination of mathematical research to undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics; ;

Dissemination of mathematics to students

The IMT is involved in several activities aimed at students and conducted in partnership with the ’IRES in Toulouse :

  • the hosting of junior high-school students for a research experience of one week ;

  • the Hippocampe workshops which allow high school students to come and do three-day research experience in a mathematical laboratory;

Partnership with associations for the dissemination of mathematics

The IMT also works in partnership with associations for the dissemination of mathematical culture in Occitanie :

  • Fermat Science association in Beaumont de Lomagne (82-France) offers exhibitions, games, workshops and events on the history, mathematics and sciences, and the work of the mathematician Pierre Fermat, born in Beaumont-de-Lomagne in the early 17th century ;