Head of the team : Jean-Marc Bouclet. Permanent members.

The thematic spectrum of the analysis team is a continuum ranging from questions at the interface between analysis and probability (functional inequalities, optimal transport) to complex and harmonic analysis (cyclicity problem, interpolation in spaces of holomorphic functions), via geometric analysis (Riemannian geometry, minimal surfaces, index theory, higher dimensional geometry), calculus of variations (qualitative and quantitative properties of minimizers, topological singularities, Ginzburg-Landau theory) and micro-local analysis (via its applications in scattering theory or spectral theory). One of the objectives of the team is to allow its members to tackle ambitious problems thanks to the mutualization of this wide range of techniques.

Interactions with other teams of the IMT :

  • Dynamics and Complex Geometry : [non-linear] analysis on manifolds and complex analysis

  • Partial Differential Equations  : non linear elliptic equations, dispersive equations

  • Geometry, Topology, Algebra : differential geometry, topology, operator algebras

  • Probabilities : Random Processes and Stochastic Differential Equations ; Statistics and Optimization: optimal transport

Team Life

The Analysis seminar is held on Mondays from 2 to 3 pm, alternating with the team's working groups. Another working group in Calculus of Variations is organized on Thursday mornings, with about one session per month.