Every year the Institute of Mathematics of Toulouse (IMT) hosts new PhD students.

Doing a PhD at IMT :

Why ?

The Institute of Mathematics of Toulouse is an ideal environment for a thesis in mathematics, thanks to the many fields of mathematics that are represented there, its interactions with other actors and disciplines, and its projects.

Download the brochure "Zoom Métiers" from ONISEP: on pages 3 and 31, you will find information about the advantages of having a doctorate, and on the other pages four examples of jobs following a doctorate.

How ?

There are three aspects to consider:

  • Funding: having a source of salary for the duration of the doctoral studies, which is 3 years in most cases.

  • Supervision: finding an advisor, deciding on a dissertation topic

  • Registration: one has to enroll formally, usually via the MITT Doctoral School (see below)

More details in the following article : How to do a dissertation at IMT

The doctoral school

The IMT works for doctoral education in close collaboration with the MITT Doctoral School : Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Telecommunications of Toulouse. Most PhD students working at IMT are members of the MITT Doctoral School.