The 2023 Fermat Prize is awarded to

Professor Jason MILLER, for his major advances in random geometry, including relation to Liouville quantum gravity (partly with Scott Sheffield),

Professor Aaron NABER, for his groundbreaking work on Ricci limit spaces, in particular rectifiability, isometry group and co-dimension 4 conjecture.

The Fermat Prize for research in mathematics rewards the research work of mathematiciants in fields where Pierre de Fermat's contributions were decisive :

  • statements of variational principles ;

  • foundations of the calculus of probabilities and of analytic geometry ;

  • number theory.

Within these fields, the spirit of the prize is to reward results which are accessible to the greatest number of professional mathematicians. Since 1989, The Fermat Prize is awarded every two years by the Institute of Mathematics of Toulouse, under the aegis of Université Paul Sabatier.