Finance and insurances

The Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse (IMT) is home to a wide variety of themes in mathematics and applied mathematics. Among the latter, there is an interest in financial mathematics and insurance mathematics (actuarial science), both from the point of view of training in the various IMT teams and from the point of view of developing new methodologies in these fields.

The research in this applicative and industrial field is oriented in three directions

  • risk management in financial markets (through contingent asset valuation and hedging problems)

  • risk analysis in actuarial science (pricing and reserving)

  • and finally the study of optimal contracts and incentives in Economics.

These three fields are approached in their theoretical aspects with a view to transferring skills to the industrial world and are part of training programs that aim to provide skills in financial engineering and risk management (in strong interaction with skills in massive data analysis and artificial intelligence).