Annales de Toulouse


The Annales de la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse were founded in 1887 by H. Andoyer, B. Baillaud, G. Berson, T. Chauvin, E. Cosserat, A. Destrem, C. Fabre, A. Legoux, P. Sabatier and T.-J. Stieltjes. At first it was a generalist journal, and the first volumes contained, among others, contributions by Appell, Picard, Goursat, Painlevé or Hermite in mathematics, but also Sabatier (chemistry), Brillouin (mechanics) and Duhem (physics). Interrupted in 1967, the publication of the Annales resumed in 1979, concentrating on mathematics.

Since its first edition in 1989, the Annales have published the contributions of the winners of the Fermat Prize for research in mathematics.

The Annales today

The Annales de la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse publish high-level articles and surveys, written in French or in English, in all fields of mathematical research. The electronic version is entirely free (diamond model open access).

Articles submitted for publication should be sent by e-mail as a PDF file to:

Members of the Editorial Board :

  • Nalini Anantharaman

  • Marie-Claude Arnaud

  • Sylvie Benzoni

  • Charles Bordenave

  • Gilles Carron

  • Laurent Clozel

  • Francesco Costantino

  • Jean-François Coulombel

  • Lucia Di Vizio

  • Gersende Fort

  • Isabelle Gallagher

  • Vincent Guedj (Editor-in-chief)

  • Radu Ignat

  • Jean-François Le Gall

  • Laurent Miclo

  • Jean-Pierre Otal

  • Duong Hong Phong

  • Damian Rössler

  • Bertrand Toën

  • Xavier Tolsa

  • Claire Voisin


The complete Annales de la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse since 1887 is available (free of charge) on NUMDAM, the French digital library of mathematics. The Annales are currently published by the Centre Mersenne.