The IMT maintains and develops collaborations with companies through various forms of interaction. Depending on the level of interaction, these collaborations take the form of co-supervision of internships in companies, work-study contracts, theses in companies, and partnerships in the framework of research projects with specific funding.

The examples of collaborations are numerous and varied. Here are a few that illustrate the diversity of the themes addressed and the areas of interaction.


  • Cdiscount (Bordeaux): detection of typologies of requests typed in the company's search engine by customers (using automatic language processing techniques and machine learning methods); Master's degree SID-Big data (Statistics and Business Intelligence)

  • Maxsea (Bidart): calculation of optimal routes for commercial navigation; Master RO (Operational Research)

  • NeoVirTech (Toulouse): virus visualization; Master MApI3 (Applied Mathematics for Engineering, Industry and Innovation)

Work-study contracts:

  • Continental (Toulouse): analysis of technical data and implementation of cloud architecture solutions on data from engine control and pollution control systems for automobiles; Master SID-Big data

  • Axa (Paris): detection of anomalies and fraud, classification of e-mails according to theme and prediction of payment default; Master SID-Big data

Theses with CIFRE funding:

  • Airbus (Toulouse): improvement of statistical tolerancing in an environment with disparate problems and integration of Big Data

  • Michelin (Clermont-Ferrand): design of embedded sensors.

The above examples illustrate collaborations with large groups, but work with small and medium-sized companies is also frequent. For example, we can mention the links with Adagos (CIFRE thesis), Ippon Innovation (PEPS AMIES), Methodomics (partnership in a clinical research project), Scientific Research and Digital Simulation (PEPS AMIES), Hyphen-Stat (partnership in an Occitanie Region project)...


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