Geometry, Topology, Algebra

Head of the team : Thomas Fiedler. Permanent members.

The research themes present in the team are very varied:

  • Derived algebraic geometry and homotopy theory

  • Real and tropical algebraic geometry

  • Geometric group theory and Teichmüller theory

  • Non commutative geometry

  • Riemannian and hyperbolic geometry

  • History and philosophy of mathematics

  • Number theory

  • Singularity theory

  • Algebraic topology and homological algebra

  • Low dimensional topology

  • Symplectic and contact topology

Interactions with other teams of the IMT

  • Dynamics and Complex Geometry : through complex algebraic geometry and differential Galois theory

  • Analysis : through analysis on manifolds

Team Life :

The team meets for two major weekly seminars, "Geometry and Topology" on Tuesday morning and "Homotopy in Algebraic Geometry" on Tuesday afternoon, as well as three annual research days in "History and Philosophy of Mathematics".