The partnerships service facilitates the exchange and the interface between: the staff of the institute, the companies that use their expertise, and the administrative services of the stakeholders of the laboratory.

Company, you are looking for

- a training for your employees,

- an expertise on a specific domain of mathematics,

- specialists that can help you develop new concepts and results ?

The partnerships service is you entry gate to the Institute. The service will take your needs into account, and help you give your questions a mathematical flavor. Then they will put you in relation with scientist that will be willing to develop a collaboration project with you.

Contact : valo (AT) math.univ-toulouse.COUNTRY where COUNTRY is replaced by fr

The collaborations can have different formats:

- training,

- internships co-mentoring (Master 1 or Master 2 students),

- industrial PhD mentoring or co-mentoring (french government CIFRE device),

- provision of a service (using state-of-the art known results),

- provision of research (developping new results).

The 200+ members of the laboratory cover a vast part of mathematics. Among past or present collaborations we can cite:

- statistics,

- numerical analysis, scientific computing,

- modelling, developping models adapted to a given object of interest,

- image and signal processing,

- artificial intellingence.

Who are we?

The partnerships service gathers researchers and engineers of the IMT from different fields of applied mathematics, that have set up strong links with the partnerships services from UPS and CNRS, as well as collaborations with industrial companies.