Welcome to IMT

The Institute of Mathematics of Toulouse gathers 240 permanent teachers-researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff as well as 120 PhD students and about 30 post-docs on average. The laboratory depends on six supervisory bodies: CNRS, INSA, INUC, Université Toulouse 1 Capitole, Université Toulouse-Jean Jaurès and Université Toulouse 3-Paul Sabatier.

The research themes cover the whole range of mathematical domains, from the most theoretical to the most applied aspects, and are organized around 6 teams corresponding to mathematical sub-disciplines. The IMT develops numerous interactions with other sciences and the socio-economic wold, often across teams.

The IMT runs the MINT University Reseach School, runs with IRIT and LAAS the CIMI Laboratory of Excellence, and is a founding partner of the Artificial Intelligence Institute et ANITI.

The IMT organizes the Fermat Prize and the Fermat Junior Prize, as well as the publication of the Annales de la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse.

General organizational chart