Fermat prize winners

The 2023 Fermat Prize is awarded to

  • Professor Jason MILLER, for his major advances in random geometry, including relation to Liouville quantum gravity (partly with Scott Sheffield),

  • Professor Aaron NABER, for his groundbreaking work on Ricci limit spaces, in particular rectifiability, isometry group and co-dimension 4 conjecture.

The links point towards the articles written by the winners, and published in Annales de la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse :

2021 edition : Fernando CODÁ MARQUES and Vincent PILLONI

2019 edition : Alexei BORODIN and Maryna VIAZOVSKA

2017 edition : Simon A. BRENDLE (article AFST) and Nader MASMOUDI

2015 edition : Laure SAINT-RAYMOND (article AFST) and Peter SCHOLZE (article AFST)

2013 edition : Camillo DE LELLIS and Martin HAIRER (article AFST)

2011 edition : Manjul BHARGAVA and Igor RODNIANSKI

2009 edition : Elon LINDENSTRAUSS (article AFST) et Cédric VILLANI

2007 edition : Chandrashekhar KHARE (article AFST)

2005 edition : Pierre COLMEZ and Jean-François LE GALL (article AFST)

2003 edition : Luigi AMBROSIO (article AFST)

2001 edition : Richard TAYLOR (article AFST) and Wendelin WERNER (article AFST)

1999 edition : Fabrice BÉTHUEL (article AFST) and Frédéric HÉLEIN (article AFST)

1997 edition : Michel TALAGRAND (article AFST)

1995 edition : Andrew J. WILES (article AFST)

1993 edition : Jean-Michel CORON (article AFST)

1991 edition : Jean-Louis COLLIOT-THÉLÈNE (article AFST, prize announcement)

1989 edition : Abbas BAHRI (article AFST, prize announcement ) and Kenneth Alan RIBET (article AFST, prize announcement )