Amandine RUÉ, in artistic residence at IMT

Amandine RUÉ, in artistic residence at IMT

Who are you?

My name is Amandine RUÉ, I am an artist-author.

What is the purpose of this artistic residency at the laboratory?

My presence at the IMT laboratory is linked to an experimental exploration. I want to confront myself with an unfamiliar environment and use this experience to create an artistic collection. My artistic project will evolve according to my meetings, constraints and circumstances.

The main thread of the process is to make the link between the world of art and the world of mathematics.

Also, I am installed in the library and this place is fascinating. It is a key space for researchers, but it is also a rather cold area, with a classification that is incomprehensible to the uninitiated. It is so oriented to mathematicians that it is intriguing. I'm thrilled to be welcomed into this strategic place that I can explore.  

What do you like about mathematics?

Paradoxically, I hated math during my school career. But math is everywhere: in the arts, in music, in painting... And this omnipresence fascinates me. Moreover, I am intrigued by what researchers think of these works related to math.

In what form(s) do you plan to express your art as a result of this residency?

Again, the resulting production will depend on the encounters and circumstances of the residency. I would like to produce an artist's book, which will be an archive of my residency, a trace of my visit that could also become a support for an exhibition.  

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Amandine RUÉ

Art and Maths" Artistic Research Residency

From 02/02 to 10/03 2023 at the IMT Library.