Statistics and optimization in high dimensions

Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier, M2 Research and Innovation

Lecture notes, Exam.

The class will be taught in English.

This page contains supporting materials, exercises and practical sessions. Practicals sessions are given in the form of a Python notebook which can be run using Jupyter or online using Google colab.

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Class sessions

  • Session 1: Introduction, sub-gaussian random variables

  • Session 2: Linear regression

  • Session 3: Penalized linear regression, compressed sensing

  • Session 4: Computation, Complexity, Conic Hierarchy.

  • Session 5: First order methods.

  • Session 6: Stochastic algorithms.

    • Stochastic approximation, algorithms for large sums, convergence rates.

    • Block decomposition method, convergence rates for random blocks.

    • Supporting material

    • Slides

    • Consider the Lasso problem from the previous Practical session, try stochastic proximal gradient and block proximal gradient. Rescale the iteration counter so that each method perform roughly the same number of basic vector operation at each iteration. Compare batch composite optimization methods.