Jérôme Monnier
Professor in Applied Mathematics-Computational Sciences at INSA Toulouse.
Member of Institut de Mathematiques de Toulouse.


Below are some free thoughts from an applied mathematician interested in solving real-world problems with mathematical tools. Applied mathematicians who focus on developing new models, new computational methods dedicated to real world problems (problems addressed by scientists from other communities) like to address open questions. The last, but unfortunately not the least important question (...) seems to be: what is the "lead author policy"? Alphabetical order is the convention in the applied mathematics community. The corresponding author then corresponds to the "principal author" - "first author" to adopt the jargon of most other communities. The alphabetical order rule is good, as long as you can read it. As an applied mathematician, this is the rule applied in the list below until ~2016 (except for secondary scientific contributions or without strong involvement in research -for example some calculations done during a short internship-). Then, for a few manuscripts published with or in other scientific communities, I unfortunately had to change this good rule. Indeed, I realized that the alphabetical order rule was misinterpreted in many ways, especially in multidisciplinary and/or fundamentation-oriented contexts. Thus, it is increasingly difficult to maintain this sound rule of applied mathematicians... I try to anyway...
Also, some of the multidisciplinary studies below have been published in "application journals" (e.g., water resources, glaciology, or visualization journals). For the same real-world problem, these journals expect different angles of view from those of applied mathematicians. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to present the core of the models and/or computational methods (explaining why the method may or may not be reliable). In fact, it is almost impossible although it is crucial. Real-world problems are the same for everyone. The development of new advanced mathematical model-methods is often a mandatory step to solve them. A thorough evaluation of model-methods can make the difference between colorful and computational results... Let's not forget that all this takes time.

Articles in International Journals
You may consult the following researchgate page or the google scholar page. ORCID Id.

[-] T. Malou, J. Monnier. "A two-scale river flow model dedicated to spatial hydrology modeling".
[-] D. Muchuri, J. Monnier, M. Sellier. "Shallow-Water flow models with Herschel-Buckley rheology, in presence of multi-regimes".
[-] A. Allabou, R. Bouclier, P.-A. Garambois, J. Monnier. "Reduction of the 2D shallow water system for flood plain dynamics simulations".
[-] N. N. Truyen Huynh, P.-A. Garambois, F. Colleoni, B. Renard, J . Monnier, H. Roux. "Learnable Physical Modeling and Data Assimilation Framework: application to a Hydrological Model".
In prep.:
[-] J. Monnier. "Multi-regime shallow creeping flows: depth-integrated models".
[-] K. Larnier, J. Monnier, O. Roustant. "Hybrid Bayesian-Neural Network-Variational estimations of river characteristics from SWOT-like data".
[-] H. Boulenc, J. Monnier, R. Bouclier, P.-A. Garambois. "Parameter identification in PINNs-like framework for non linear models. Application to the 2D SWE".
[-] J. Monnier et al. "River bathymetry profiles estimation from surface measurements data".
[-] J. Monnier et al. "A method to infer the ice thickeness beneath slow moving glaciers. Application to interior sectors of East Antarctica".

Published (or accepted-to appear)
[-] D. Muchuri, J. Hewett, M. Sellier, M. Moyers-Gonzalez, J. Monnier. "Numerical simulations of dam-break flows of viscoplastic fluids via Shallow Water equations". Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics, 2024. DOI pdf.

[-] D. Muchuri, J. Hewett, M. Sellier, M. Moyers-Gonzalez, J. Monnier. "Identification of rheological parameters for shallowwater flows of viscoplastic fluids using elevation hydrographs". Physics of Fluids, vol. 36 (1), pp., 2024. DOI pdf.
[-] K. Larnier, J. Monnier. "Hybrid neural network - variational data assimilation to infer river discharges from SWOT-like data". Computational Geosciences, vol. 27, pp 853-877, 2023. DOI pdf.
[-] Durand, M., Gleason, C.J., Pavelsky, T.M., de Moraes Frasson, R.P., Turmon, M.J., David, C.H., Altenau, E.H., Tebaldi, N., Larnier, K., Monnier, J. and Malaterre, P.O. et al. "A framework for estimating global river discharge from the Surface Water and Ocean Topography satellite mission". Water Ressources Research (WRR) 2023. DOI.
[-] T. Malou, J. Monnier. "Covariance kernels investigation from diffusive wave equations for data assimilation in hydrology." Inverse Problems, vol 38 (4) pp 045003, 2022. DOI pdf.
[-] L. Pujol, P.-A. Garambois, J. Monnier. "Multi-dimensional hydrological-hydraulic model with variational data assimilation for river networks and floodplains". Geoscientific Model Development (GMD), vol 15 (15), pp. 6085-6113, 2022. DOI pdf.
[-] T. Malou, P.-A. Garambois, A. Paris, J. Monnier, K. Larnier. "Generation and analysis of stage-fall-discharge laws from coupled hydrological-hydraulic river network model integrating sparse multi-satellite data". J. Hydrology, vol. 603, pp. 126993, 2021.DOI pdf.
[-] J. Monnier, J. Zhu. "Physically-constrained data-driven inversions to infer the bed topography beneath glaciers flows. Application to East Antarctica". Computational Geosciences, vol. 25, pp 1793-1819, 2021. DOI pdf.
[-] Frasson, R. and Durand, M. and Larnier, K. and Gleason, C. and Andreadis, K. and Hagemann, M. and Dudley, R. and Bjerklie, D. and Oubanas, H. and Garambois, P.-A. and Malaterre, P.-O. and Lin, P. and Pavelsky, T. and Monnier, J. and Brinkerhoff, C. and David, C."Exploring the factors controlling the error characteristics of the Surface Water and Ocean Topography mission discharge estimates". Water Resources Research, 2021. DOI.
[-] K. Larnier, J. Monnier, P.-A. Garambois, J. Verley. "River discharge and bathymetry estimations from SWOT altimetry measurements". Inverse Problems Sc. Eng. (IPSE), 29(6), pp 759-789, 2020. DOI pdf.
[-] L. Pujol, P.-A. Garambois, P. Finaud-Guyot, J. Monnier, K. Larnier, R. Mose, S. Biancamaria, H. Yesou, D. Moreira, A. Paris, S. Calmant. "Estimation of multiple inflows and effective channel by assimilation of multi-satellite hydraulic signatures: The ungauged anabranching Negro river". J. Hydrology (JoH), vol. 591, pp 125331, 2020.DOI pdf.
[-] J. Monnier, J. Zhu. "Inference of the bottom topography in anisothermal mildly-sheared shallow ice flows". Comput. Meth. Applied Mech. Eng., vol. 348, pp. 954-977, 2019. DOI pdf.
[-] P.-A. Garambois, K. Larnier, J. Monnier, P. Finaud-Guyot, J. Verley, A. Montazem, S. Calmant. "Variational estimation of effective channel and ungauged anabranching river discharge from multi-satellite water heights of different spatial sparsity". J. of Hydrology (JoH), vol. 581, pp. 124409, 2020. DOI pdf.
[-] Tuozzolo, S., Lind, G., Overstreet, B., Mangano, J., Fonstad, M., Hagemann, M., Frasson, R., Larnier, K., Garambois, P.-A., Monnier, J., Durand, M. "Estimating river discharge with swath altimetry: A proof of concept using AirSWOT observations". Geophys. Res. Lett., vol. 46 (3), pp. 1459-1466, 2019 pdf DOI.
[-] Montazem, Garambois, Calmant, Finaud-Guyot, Monnier, Moreira, Minear, Biancamaria. "Wavelet-based river segmentation using hydraulic control-preserving water surface elevation profile properties". Geophys. Res. Lett. (GRL) Vol. 46 (12), pp 6534-6543, 2019. DOI pdf.
[-] P. Brisset, J. Monnier, P.-A. Garambois, H. Roux. "On the assimilation of altimetry data in 1D Saint-Venant river models". Adv. Water Ress., vol. 119, pp 41-59, 2018. pdf DOI.
A 18 months review process without any scientific issue detected: 1 reviewer (on 4) obviously competing with us in the (french) space agencies fund system, has deliberately blocked the process. Our academic research world has become wonderful. The reviewer's successive reports are available upon request.
[-] J. Monnier, P.-E. des Boscs. "Inference of the Bottom Properties in Shallow Ice Approximation Models". Inverse Problems, vol. 33 (11) pp115001 (2017). pdf DOI
[-] J. Monnier, F. Couderc, D. Dartus, K. Larnier, R. Madec, J.P. Vila. "Inverse algorithms for 2D shallow water equations in presence of wet dry fronts. Application to flood plain dynamics". Advances in Water Ressources (97), 11-24, 2016. pdf DOI.
[-] P.-A. Garambois, S. Calmant, H. Roux, A. Paris, J. Monnier, P. Finaud-Guyot, A. Montazem, J. Santos da Silva, "Hydraulic visibility: using satellite altimetry to parameterize a hydraulic model of an ungauged reach of a braided river". Hydrological Processes, Vol. 31, 4, 756-767, 2017. pdf DOI.
[-] M. Durand, C. J. Gleason, P. A. Garambois, D. Bjerklie, L. C. Smith, H. Roux, E. Rodriguez, P. D. Bates, T. M. Pavelsky, J. Monnier et al. "An intercomparison of remote sensing river discharge 1 estimation algorithms from measurements of river height, width, and slope". Water Resources Research, 52 (6), 4527-4549, 2016. pdf DOI
[-] M. Boutounet, J. Monnier, J.-P. Vila. "Multi-regime shallow free-surface flows for generalized Newtonian fluids". European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids. 55 (1), 182-206, 2016. pdf. DOI.
[-] P.-A. Garambois, J. Monnier. "Inference of effective river properties from remotely sensed observations of water surface". Advances in Water Ressources, 79, 103-120, 2015. pdf. DOI.
[-] N. Martin, J. Monnier. "Inverse rheometry and basal properties inference for pseudoplastic geophysical flows". European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids, 50, 110-126 (2015). DOI pdf.
[-] N. Martin, J. Monnier. "Four-field finite element solver and sensitivities for viscoplastic flows". SIAM J. Sc. Comp. 36(5), 132-165, 2014 . DOI pdf.
[-] N. Martin, J. Monnier. "Adjoint accuracy for the full-Stokes ice flow model: limits to the transmission of basal friction variability to the surface". The Cryosphere, 8, 721-741, 2014. pdf DOI
[-] R. Hostache, X. Lai, J. Monnier, C. Puech. "Assimilation of spatial distributed water levels into a shallow-water flood model. Part II: using a remote sensing image of Mosel river". J. Hydrology Vol. 390, Issues 3-4, pp 257-268 (2010). DOI pdf .
[-] E. Fernandez-Nieto, J. Marin, J. Monnier. "Coupling superposed 1D and 2D shallow-water models: source terms and finite volume schemes". Comput. Fluid. Vol.39, Issue 6, pp 1070-1082. (2010). DOI pdf .
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[-] M. Honnorat, J. Monnier, N. Riviere, E. Huot, F.-X. Le Dimet. " Identification of equivalent topography in an open channel flow using Lagrangian data assimilation." Computing and Visualization in Science (CVS). Vol. 13, Issue 3 (2010), pp 111-119. DOI. pdf.
[-] M. Honnorat, J. Monnier, F.-X. Le Dimet. "Lagrangian data assimilation for river hydraulics simulations". Computing and Visualization in Science (CVS). Vol. 12, Issue 5, pp. 235 (2009). DOI. pdf.
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[-] E.D. Fernandez-Nieto, D. Bresch, J. Monnier. "A consistent intermediate wave speed for a well-balanced HLLC solver". C. R. Acad. Sci. (CRAS) Paris, Ser. I 346, Issues 13-14, pp. 795-800, 2008. DOI. pdf.
[-] J. Monnier, A. Benselama, I. Cotoi. " Flow patterns in the vicinity of triple line dynamics arising from a local surface tension model". Int. J. Comput. Multiscale Comput. Eng. (IJCMCE). Vol. 5, Issue 5, pp. 417-434, 2007. DOI. pdf.
[-] I. Gejadze, J. Monnier. "On a 2D zoom for 1D shallow-water model: coupling and data assimilation". Comp. Meth. Appl. Mech. Engnr. (CMAME). Vol. 196, issues 45-48, pp. 4628-4643, 2007. DOI. pdf.
[-] J. Monnier, P. Witomski. "Analysis of a Local Hydrodynamics Model with Marangoni effect". J. Sc. Comp. (JSC), 21 (3), pp. 369-403, 2004. DOI pdf.
[-] J. Monnier. "Shape sensitivities in a Navier-Stokes flow with gray bodies thermal transfer". Optim. Control Appl. Meth. (OCAM). 24 (5), pp. 237-256, 2003. DOI pdf.
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[-] J. Monnier, L. Trabucho. "Existence and uniqueness of solution to an adaptive elasticity model". Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids (M2S). 3 (2), pp. 217-228, 1998. DOI pdf.
Articles in International Journals from proceedings
[-] P.-A. Garambois, J. Monnier, L. Villenave, "Coupled 2D hydrologic-hydraulic catchment scale flood modeling with data assimilation capabilities: the DassHydro platform". In Colloque SHF " Prévision des crues et inondations, avancées, valorisations et perspectives", 2023. pdf.
[-] L. Pujol, P.-A. Garambois, J. Monnier, P. Finaud-Guyot, K. Larnier, R. Mosé. "Integrated hydraulic-hydrological assimilation chain: towards multisource data fusion from river network to headwaters". In Advances in Hydroinformatics: Models for Complex and Global Water Issues—Practices and Expectations. Springer, pp 195-211, 2022. DOI.
[-] R. Hostache, X. Lai, J. Monnier, C. Puech. "Assimilation of one SAR satellite image for flood simulations. Method and test case (Mosel river)". Advances in Geosciences, vol. 22, pp. 49-65, 2010. DOI pdf.
[-] W. Castaings, D. Dartus, M. Honnorat, FX Le Dimet, Y. Loukili, J. Monnier. "Automatic Differenciation: a tool for variational data assimilation and adjoint sensitivity analysis for flood modeling." Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering. Vol. 50, pp. 249-262, 2006. DOI pdf.
[-] J. Monnier, P. Witomski. "A local surface model applied to contact line dynamics." Nonlinear Analysis. 63, pp. 1551-1559, 2005. DOI pdf.
[-] J. Monnier, L. Trabucho. "An existence and uniqueness result in bone remodeling theory". Comp. Meth. Appl. Mech. Engnr. (CMAME) 151, pp. 539-544, 1998. DOI pdf.
[-] D. Chenais, J. Monnier, J.P. Vila. "Shape optimal design for a fluid-heat coupled system". Appl. Math. and Comp. Sc., vol. 6, No2, pp. 245-261, 1996. DOI. pdf.

Blogs, international SWOT mission community
Numerous posts are regularly published on the few scientific blogs of the international SWOT community: see e.g. the blog DAWG with the following initial posts (+ many others since):
[-] J. Monnier, with P. Brisset, P.A. Garambois, J. Monnier, H. Roux, S. Biancamaria, "On Variational Data Assimilation of SWOT-like data in 1D and 2D river flow models", Blog wordpress DAWG, April 2016.
[-] J. Monnier, "On variational sensitivities, data assimilation and inversion for small scale river flows", Blog wordpress DAWG, November 2013.
Webpage with numerous presentations slides:
[-] Presentations slides in NASA community.
[-] J. Monnier with P. Brisset, P.A. Garambois, H. Roux, S. Biancamaria. Testing algorithms - CNES Aviso website.

[-] Pailleux J., Dartus D., Lai X., Monnier J., Honnorat M. Chapitre 5 "Assimilation de donnees" dans: "Traite d'hydraulique environnementale. De la goutte de pluie jusqu'a la mer" Volume 6. Lavoisier-Hermes, pp. 141-158 (2009). ISBN: 978-2-7462-2008-9.
English version: Chapter 12 "Data assimilation" in: "Environmental Hydraulics Series - Numerical Methods (Vol. 3)". Edt: JM Tanguy. pp. 275-294. Wiley (2010). link.

Conferences papers
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