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  • Height of weighted recursive trees with sub-polynomially growing total weight, with Delphin Sénizergues, (arXiv).
  • 1-stable fluctuations in branching Brownian motion at critical temperature II: general functionals, with Pascal Maillard, (arXiv).


Other documents

  • My PhD dissertation is available here, the introduction is in French. I wrote a detailed summary more accessible for non-probabilists here, also in French.
  • An introduction to my research domain, written between my master degree and my PhD, is available here, in French. It introduces branching random walk, without and with selection.
  • My master thesis is available here, in French, and is about branching Brownian motion with variable speed. My advisor was Zhan Shi.
  • My bachelor thesis is available here, in French. The topic was phylogenetic trees and my advisors were Guillaume Achaz and Amaury Lambert.

Slides of some talks

  • Optimal local law and central limit theorem for beta-ensembles (2021) - slides, video.
  • Extrema of branching random walks and log-correlated fields (2020) - slides.
  • Precise height asymptotics of weighted recursive trees (2020) - slides, video.
  • Fluctuations of the critical Gibbs measure of branching Brownian motion (2019) - slides.
  • Derrida–Retaux model: from discrete to continuous time (2019) - slides.
  • Velocity of the L-branching Brownian motion (2016) - slides, video.