Frequently Asked Questions

Is DassFlow freeware, open-source ?
Yes, it is freely distributed under CeCILL licence.
If you use or adapt this code, please cite ! eg as follows:

title = {DassFlow (Data Assimilation for Free Surface Flows) computational software},
author = {K. Larnier, J. Monnier et al.},
note = {INSA, Math. Institute of Toulouse (IMT), INRAe, ICUBE, CS Group, CNES},
url = {https://www.math.univ-toulouse.fr/DassFlow},

title={DassFlow (Data Assimilation for Free Surface Flows) computational software},
author={L. Pujol, J. Monnier, P.-A. Garambois, F. Couderc et al.},
note = {INSA, Math. Institute of Toulouse (IMT), INRAe, ICUBE, CNRS},
url = {https://www.math.univ-toulouse.fr/DassFlow},

Also by citing the adequate articles (see 'References' page).
No commercial use allowed without permission.
How to cite DassFlow ?
Please see above; also consult the webpage "References".

How to obtain DassFlow source code ?
Please consult the webpage "Download".

Which O.S. is required ?
It is distributed with a Makefile that should work on most Linux systems.
You will need to have the right Fortran compiler and a C compiler installed on your machine. For more details, consult the doc available in the archive distributed and on-line (see below).
What free pre and post-processor softwares can be used ?
  • Mesh creators
    • Gmsh, Elmer library mesh generator, Telemac mesh generator, Emc2 (Inria).
  • Visualizers
    • vtk format eg Paraview. Also Tecplot format.
Any documentation ?
Documentations (users / programmers / numerics manuals) are available in the distributed archive (along the source files), consult the "Download" page.
As example an old version is available online (HAL CNRS): pdf file .

Open Online Courses
To understand the equations derivation, the computational methods, you may consult the following Open Online Course and references therein.
    J. Monnier, "Variationnal data assimilation, optimal control, large scale data assimilation, model learning", INSA Toulouse.

Examples of applications: river flows, glaciers flows etc
Have a look to the few examples of applications on the present website.

Any further question ? Please feel free to contact us (see "Contact" webpage).

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