Variational Data Assimilation Course


Welcome to the webpage of the course "Variational Data Assimilation (VDA) & Model Learning", INSA Toulouse.
"VDA : from optimal control and least-square solutions to the assimilation of (large) databasis into uncertain PDE models".
This course may be attempted as an OOC (Open Online Course) on the Moodle platform of INSA Toulouse. For external access: login: anonymous , pass: insa-assimilation.
You may study the complete course manuscript too (this is one of the latest version).
It exists a HAL version too.

Programming practical

The practical description is available on the Moodle platform.
Suggested softwares to implement your practical: Python (with FEniCS library) or FreeFEM++.
(For INSA students: these softwares are installed on the local servers).

(If using Matlab or Scilab, the PDE model has to be solved using finite differences on a staggered grid).

For research scientists in hydrology. Toy test cases are included in the distribution of DassFlow (both 1D and 2D versions). For real data examples, please visit DassFlow webpage.

For any question, you can contact me by email.