Inverse Problems, Data Assimilation Course


Welcome to the webpage of the course addressing Inverse Problems, Control, Data Assimilation and Model Learning, INSA Toulouse.
The main topic is Variational Data Assimilation (VDA): fusion at best datasets and large dimension inverse / calibration / identification problems modeled by PDEs.
All the material (textbook, exercises, Python codes) is available on-line. The course may be attempted as an OOC (Open Online Course) on the Moodle platform of INSA Toulouse. For external access: login: anonymous , pass: insa-assimilation.
The complete course manuscript is available online here too. (Textbook still under construction therefore it contains numerous personal annotations and on-going paragraphs).
It exists a HAL version too.

Programming practicals

The programming practical description (including areal-world one addressing an inverse poroblem in spatial hydrology, are available on the Moodle platform. The codes are written in Python (with FEniCS library).

For research scientists in hydrology. Toy test cases are included in the distribution of DassFlow software (both the 1D and 2D versions). For real data examples, please visit DassFlow webpage.

For any question, you may contact me by email.