• You work in an academic institution ?
    The software may be freely distributed under Cecill Licence to academic institutions.
    You accept that we may mention your name - lab name on the present webpage as a code receiver too.

  • You work in a private company ?
    The software is open under the condition of a partnership e.g. PhD, postdoc or res. eng. (co-)funding.

  • Any question ? Please feel free to contact the P.I.


    DassFlow source codes are managed (therefore transfered too) through a subversion repository. The latter is hosted by SourceSup on the Renater platform.
    Then you have to open a SourceSup account (free French academic service, no issue :).
    To do so please report to the SourceSup FAQs (en) (fr).

    (The english version is sometimes out of service ...; in this case, please use the french webpage version: easy to fulfill).
    Ready to request the code ? please fulfill the short form.

    NB. It seems that sometimes (!?...) we have issues with the automatic treatment of the form... If we did not answer you within a couple of days, please send us the same information by simple email (jerome.monnier@insa-toulouse.fr).

    They have been interested in it or use it

  • Versions since spring 2013:
  • Former versions (up to 2008):