Institut de Mathématiques

TOULOUSE, JUNE 22-24, 2016



A direct proof that intuitionistic predicate calculus is complete with respect to presheaves of classical models, by Christian Retoré and Ivano Ciardelli

The genus of regular languages, by Florian Deloup and Guillaume Bonfante

The word problem in Z2 and formal language theory, by Sylvain Salvati

Garside groups and some of their properties, by Fabienne Chouraqui

Handsome Proof-Nets for Cyclic Linear Logic, by Sylvain Pogodalla

Diagrammatic Quantum Reasoning: Completeness and Incompleteness, by Simon Perdrix

Infinite computation, logic and topological complexity, by  Michał Skrzypczak

The profinite theory of rational languages, by Laure Daviaud

Dismantling in graphs and a relation with the evasiveness conjecture for simplicial complexes, by Etienne Fieux

Operads and Regular Languages, by Joan Bellier-Millès

The (poly)topologies of provability logic, by David Fernández-Duque