Dynamical systems and Galoisian theories


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Main speakers
  • Philip Boalch (Ens-Paris)
  • Pierre Cartier (IHES)
  • Guy Casale (IRMAR-Rennes)
  • Lucia Di Vizio (UVSQ)
  • Thomas Dreyfus (UVSQ)
  • Max Karoubi (IMJ)
  • Frank Loray (IRMAR-Rennes)
  • Claude Mitschi (IRMA-Strasbourg)
  • Julio Rebelo (IMT-Toulouse)
  • Julien Roques (Institut Fourier Grenoble)
  • David Sauzin (CNRS/ENSP, Italy)
  • Reinhard Schäfke (IRMA-Strasbourg)
  • Michael. F. Singer (NCSU-USA)
  • Laurent Stolovitch (Nice)
  • Jacques-Arthur Weil (Limoges)
  • Hiroshi Umemura (Nagoya, Japan)

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