Dynamical systems and Galoisian theories


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Organizing your stay-the following only concerns the main speakers.

In order to get reemboursed for your mission in Toulouse, please follow these guidelines

  • If you are member of a french research organism , please ask your home institution for an "Ordre de mission sans frais".
  • Book your transportation to Toulouse (flight, train,...) or send an email to Marie Laure Ausset " marie-laure.ausset@math.univ-toulouse.fr" with your wish of transportation. In any case, keep the original or electronic tickets!
  • If it is the first time, you have been invited in Toulouse, please fulfil the SIFAC-document :
    1. in french : SIFAC Toulouse
    2. in english SIFAC Toulouse
  • Send an email to Marie Laure Ausset
    " marie-laure.ausset@math.univ-toulouse.fr" with
    1. the number of hotel's nights, you wish
    2. the schedule of your trip i.e. the date and time of departure from your place of residence and date and time back home
    3. if available, your electronic tickets
    4. if you have
      1. a french bank account, join a RIB
      2. a foreign bank account, please write in the body of your mail
        1. the name and address of the account holder
        2. your professional adress
        3. the name and address of your bank
        4. IBAN (International Bank Account Number), Account number, ABA ROUTING (for USA), SWIFT or BIC
        and certify, in the mail, that coordinates mentioned above are exact and correspond to those of your bank account.
  • After your mission in Toulouse , send your original tickets (flight, train, subway) to

    Marie-Laure Ausset,
    Université Paul Sabatier
    Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse
    118 route de Narbonne
    F-31062 Toulouse Cedex 9