Del Duca Workshop on Cremona Groups

23-27 September 2019, Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse


All talks in room 207 Building 1R2

Monday 23 Tuesday 24 Wednesday 25 Thursday 26 Friday 27
9h15 - 10h45
Partial actions 2
9h15 - 10h45
Random walks 2
9h15 - 10h45
Random walks 3
9h15 - 10h45
Random walks 4
11h15 - 12h45
Algebraic subgroups 1
11h15 - 12h45
Algebraic subgroups 2
11h15 - 12h45
Algebraic subgroups 3
11h15 - 12h45
Algebraic subgroups 4
14h - 15h30
Partial actions 1
15h - 15h50
I. Hedén
15h - 15h50
J. Schneider
15h - 15h50
P. Fong
16h - 17h30
Random walks 1
16h10 - 17h
A. Lonjou
16h10 - 17h
R. Bignalet
16h10 - 17h
S. Zhao
20h - 01h
C. P.
Giulio Tiozzo: "Introduction to random walks"
Joseph Maher: "Hyperbolic spaces and the WPD property"
Giulio Tiozzo: "The Poisson boundary"
Joseph Maher: "Abundance of normal subgroups"
Jérémy Blanc: "Overview of the general strategy to study algebraic subgroups of Bir(X)"
Ronan Terpereau: "Automorphisms of P1-bundles over surfaces"
Andrea Fanelli: "Automorphisms of Del Pezzo fibrations and Sarkisov links in dimension 3"
Enrica Floris: "Fano fibrations over a curve in higher dimension"
Yves Cornulier
Yves Cornulier
Rémi Bignalet: "Homaloidal curves of arbitrarily large degree in positive charateristic"
Pascal Fong: "Connected algebraic groups acting birationally on ruled surfaces"
Isac Hedén: "On the Borel Subgroups of the Plane Cremona Group"
Anne Lonjou: "Generators of proper normal subgroups of the Cremona group"
Julia Schneider: "Relations in the plane Cremona group over perfect fields"
ShengYuan Zhao: "Embeddings of Z2 into plane Cremona groups"
Cassoulet Party (for the Cremona Group)

Mini courses: