Arakelov Geometry and K-theory

On the occasion of C. Soulé's sixtieth birthday

21-23 May 2012

Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse

Organisation: D.-C. Cisinski & D. Rössler

Scientific committee: V. Maillot, A. Merkurjev, J. Tapia






Practical details

Practical details :

Venue. The conference takes place in the "Amphithéâtre Concorde" at the Institute of Mathematics of the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse (118 route de Narbonne, F-31062 Toulouse Cedex 9; 43° 33'42'' N 1° 27'57'' E). The "Amphithéâtre Concorde" is on the ground floor of the building U4 on the following map (near the number 5 circled in red). The underground (metro) station of the university is called "Université Paul Sabatier" and is located right next to the number 1 circled in red on the same map.

Hotel. Most participants and speakers will be lodged at the hôtel Riquet (92 rue Pierre Paul Riquet, F-31000 Toulouse; Tel. : +33 (0)5 61 62 55 96). The hotel is a ten minute walk away from the underground station "Jean Jaurès". From the underground station "Jean-Jaurès", the metro line B (direction: Ramonville) is direct to "Université Paul-Sabatier".
Getting to the hotel. If you arrive at the train station (Toulouse Matabiau), you can walk to the hôtel Riquet or take the metro line A (direction: Basso-Cambo) and get off at "Jean-Jaurès". If you arrive at the airport (Toulouse Blagnac), the airport shuttle (navette aéroport) costs 5 euros and will take you to the "Jean-Jaurès" underground station (which is the third stop of the shuttle) in about 15 minutes. There are three shuttles per hour. Alternatively, a taxi to the hotel will take 20 to 30 minutes.

Lunch. Lunch takes place in the UPSIDUM cafeteria on the campus of the university. The cafeteria is located next to the number 2 circled in red on the map (this is a five minute walk away from the "Amphithéâtre Concorde"). All the participants and speakers will receive lunch coupons to pay for their meals.

Wifi. Wifi connection codes will be provided to all the participants and speakers.

Reception on May 22nd at the end of the afternoon. There will be a small cocktail party in the town hall of the city of Toulouse at 5.30pm on Tuesday (1 1/4  hour after the last talk). At the beginning of the reception, a delegate of the mayor of Toulouse will make a short welcome speech. The town hall is the building called "Capitole", on the "Place du Capitole" in the very centre of Toulouse. The corresponding underground station is also called "Capitole". The reception takes place in the "salle Gervais" on the first floor. There are directions to the "salle Gervais" next to any entrance of the building.