We have organized a conference on Complex Analysis and Geometry on the occasion of Ahmed Zeriahi's retirement. This was also the closing conference of the ANR project GRACK, see AMAZER (May 31-June 4 2021)


I have been a member of the executive committee of Centre International de Mathématiques et d’Informatique de Toulouse (2012-2014), which proposes fundings of various sorts in Toulouse.

E-SCV consortium

I am the local head of the European Several Complex Variables Consortium, which seeks to promote the development and strengthening of the field of Several Complex Variables and related areas among its European member groups.


Together with Joaquim Ortega Cerda (Barcelona) and Pascal Thomas (Toulouse), I have launched a series of winterschools and workshops in SCV named KAWA. Here is the link to the latest edition KAWA7, organized by J.Marzo, J.Raissy, A.Zeriahi.