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From Techniques for computer generated pictures in complex dynamics
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This sub-site of my webpage will host an explanation of different drawing techniques and algorithms I learnt, adapted, enhanced, or invented, to draw some objects in a few domains of mathematics, mainly 2D bitmap pictures in holomorphic dynamics, but not only.

Knowledge of complex numbers is an absolute pre-requisite.

Arnaud Cheritat (talk) 15:42, 25 February 2014 (CET)


General guidelines towards quality

Backward vs forward iteration methods

tc (C++ class)

Case studies

Projected topics

Coloring schemes. Personal credo: represent only necessary information.

distance estimators: variations, using outside the world of iteration (holomorphic functions, Kleinian groups), smoothing (exp), generation based partitioning

tricks for parabolic points

tricks for Siegel disks

the abysmal monster

fake 3d via normal mapping

sample programs

OpenGL trick for quick möbius map