Reading seminars

  • A regular seminar "Séminaire Mathématiques pour la biologie" organized by Fanny Delebecque and Pierre Neuvial. Subscribe to the mailing list of the seminar.

  • A reading seminar on Mean Fields & Kinetic Models is organized every week. See a complete description here: link.

    2018 - Workshops & Conferences

  • Workshop: Post-selection inference and multiple testing, LabEx CIMI Toulouse, 07-09/02/18

  • Workshop: Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, LabEx CIMI Toulouse, LabEx CIMI Toulouse, 17-18/01/18

  • Conference: Statistics and Health, LabEx CIMI Toulouse, 11-12/01/18

  • 2017 - Workshops & Conferences

  • Winter School on Deterministic and Stochastic models in neuroscience , LabEx CIMI Toulouse, 11-15/12/17

  • Conference: Ecology and evolutionary biology, deterministic and stochastic models, LabEx CIMI Toulouse, 9-13/10/17

  • Autumn school, LabEx CIMI Toulouse, 19-22/09/17

  • Opening conference of the semester: Mathematics, Computer Science and Biology, LabEx CIMI Toulouse, 18/09/17