The Mathematics, Biology & Health Group uses a wide range of mathematical and statistical approaches to study questions in ecology, biology and medicine. It is an interdisciplinary project involving academic and research institutions of the Toulouse area, with the goal of promoting and developing a strong and wide expertise on systems biology in Toulouse.

Current research interests include

- Deterministic & stochastic mathematical modelling

Systems biology aims at understanding how biological systems operate at various scales, by studying the interactions between the individual constituents (genes, proteins, cells, organisms). At each of these organisational levels, the degree of complexity is such that information cannot be processed and integrated on a purely intuitive basis. For this reason, mathematical models play an increasingly important role. Such models must be elaborated on the bases of biological data and validated at both the elementary constituent and the global structure scales. Nowadays, the development of statistical analysis and mathematical modeling tools leads to the possibility of 'in silico' simulations of the various processes which underlie the operation of the biological systems at the various scales.

- Mathematical methods in image processing

Development of methods utilizing geometric partial differential equations in conjunction with standard signal/image processing techniques as well as computer graphics facilitating man/machine interactions.

- Statistics for medical and biological data

We are developing statistical models, methods and algorithms dedicated to the analysis of biological and biomedical data.
Our research topics include: biostatistics, machine learning, integration of heterogeneous data, classification, clustering, multiple testing, adaptive intervention, modeling of patients’ follow-up, missing values.
Our application domains include: high-throughput genomic data, genome-wide association studies, population genetics, neuroscience, clinical trials, epidemiology, public health, precision medicine.
We are also involved in the following initiatives:
  • Genotoul
  • biostatistics platform
  • CampuStat: a consulting service for local academics or non-academics