ANR DEEV (2020-2024)

Integro-Differential Equations from EVolutionary biology

The objective of the DEEV project is to analyze multi-scale integro-differntial equations, with possible stochastic components, modeling the evolutionary dynamics of structured populations. The mathematical modeling of dynamics of phenotypically structured populations lead to nonlocal parabolic Lotka-Volterra type equations or systems, Hamilton-Jacobi equations with constraint and nonstandard kinetic equations. Some characteristics of such equations are that they typically lead to concentration phenomena (occurrence of dominant traits) or propagation phenomena (spatial invasions). Among the mathematical challenges we can mention complex underlying dynamics, lack of comparison principle and non-standard regularity estimates.

We will focus on three biological motivations that we believe to be of major importance in this field:

The DEEV project is funded by the french funding agency Agence Nationale de la Recherche.

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