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  • Cool seminar at IHP -->

  • <-- Conference at College de France

  • Xiaoguang Wang :
    I would like to share two photos of my thesis defense in June 13, 2011.
photo photo

<---- One is the group photo of thesis committee members,
the other ----->
is the group photo of committee members and me.

I can't imagine what my academic life will be without Tan Lei's guidance, support and encouragement. I still remember she wonderfully explained to me what no Thurston obstruction for multicurve means during a train trip from Paris to Angers. That is a very prescious memory. Untill recently, I found that her fundamental work (with Cui) has remarkable applications in exploring the global topology of hyperbolic components. She exerted considerable influence on me. Finally, I wish the conference a big success, in memory of Tan Lei. Xiaoguang Wang

  • Gao Yan In memory of Tan Lei:

    Until recently, I often think of my advisor Tanlei, recall the time I spent with her, and can't stop thinking to discuss with her when meeting academic problems. In my mind, she is a very nice people and an extremely excellent advisor. She is full of passion to the academia and is great patient to her students. She also has a very strong ability to clearly explain an abstract and complex object in a vivid manner. I always remember she explain the parabolic implosion phenomenon using the target practice. I benefited a great deal from her, in both academic and life, from my Ph.D study phase to now. She brings me to the field of core entropy of complex polynomials, which is one of my main research topics at present; She establishes a bridge so that I have an opportunity to cooperate with some excellent mathematicians: She makes a lot of efforts to help me find a job; She takes me to the hospital when my feet hurts; She is still concern about my working and living situations even after I graduate. To me, Tanlei is not only a advisor but also like a family. I will remember her tuition and encourage all the time.

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