Various 3D and 2D projections of a 4D version of the [S M K G-S] aperiodic monotile tesselations, collaboration with Nan Ma.

Use mouse drag to rotate the object in 3D, mousewheel to zoom-in/out.

image width: image height:
α1 = degrees
α2 = degrees

cut radius: only-tile: tile-number:
line thickness:
Show white dots:
other dots:
even tiles:
odd tiles:

Colors. Background:
Segment 1: Segment 2:
Even hex: Odd hex:

Load tileset March (non-chiral)
May (chiral)

Current tileset size: , shown tileset size: . Farthest 4D tile barycenter distance: . Tiles farther than "cut radius" not shown.

Applet CC-By-SA Arnaud Chéritat
[S M K G-S] March: An aperiodic monotile
[S M K G-S] May: A chiral aperiodic monotile