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Homotopie en Géométrie Algébrique

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Organisateurs : Michel Vaquie, Joseph Tapia, Bertrand Toën Jour et lieu habituels : Mardi 14h, 1r2, salle 207

  • Mardi 28 novembre 14:00-15:00 - Dario Beraldo - Oxford Univ.

    Quasi-smooth schemes and Hecke eigensheaves

    Résumé : Quasi-smooth schemes (or stacks) arise in several geometric situations : an important example is the stack of G-local systems on a Riemann surface, but there are many other simpler examples. The degree of non-smoothness of a quasi-smooth scheme is captured nicely by the difference between quasi-coherent sheaves and ind-coherent sheaves on it.
    I will explain how, while studying a quasi-smooth scheme, one is led to go to the next level : the level of "quasi-quasi-smooth scheme" (pun intended). By definition, if quasi-smooth means that the tangent complex lives in amplitude [0,1], quasi-quasi-smooth is the next best thing : amplitude [0,2].
    In this situation, the relation between QCoh and IndCoh gets unwieldy. This wildness has a positive consequence though : it helps define a new theory of left D-modules on derived schemes that is of use in geometric Langlands (for instance, in the description of Hecke eigensheaves for the trivial local system).

  • Mardi 28 novembre 15:30-17:30 - Leyth Akrout - IMT

    Contextes de déformations de Lurie II

  • Mardi 16 janvier 2018 14:00-15:00 - Mathieu Anel - Paris7


  • Mardi 23 janvier 2018 14:00-15:00 - Matthew Morrow - IMJ


  • Mardi 5 décembre 14:00-16:00 - Paul David - IMAG, IMT

    Dualité Comm/Lie