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Séminaire Mathématiques pour la biologie

par Fanny Delebecque - publié le , mis à jour le

Organisateurs Fanny Delebecque, Sabine Mercier
Horaire habituel Jeudi 13h30
Lieu habituel Salle de conférence MIP, (bâtiment 1R3, 1er étage)

  • Jeudi 9 mai 13:30-14:30 - Alexis Leculier - IMT

    Propagation in a fractional reaction-diffusion equation in a periodically hostile environment

    Résumé : The question studied here is the large time behavior of the solutions of a fractional Fisher-KPP equation posed in a periodic domain composed of disconnected intervals. Such equation models the growth and the invasion of a species subject to a non-local dispersion in an environment that has hostile patches. The solution stands for the density of the population. The fractional Laplacian describes the motions of individuals, it takes into account the possibility of "jump" (move rapidly) of individuals from one point to another. Contrary to what happens for standard diffusion, there is here a unique bounded stationary state that invades the domain exponentially fast. Joint work with S. Mirrahimi and J.M. Roquejoffre.

    Lieu : salle MIP, 1er étage bat 1R3

  • Jeudi 16 mai 13:30-14:30 - Audrey Dussutour - CRCA (Toulouse)

    Problem Solving in Distributed Systems

    Résumé : The study of distributed systems aims to understand how individual-level behaviors can lead to complex collective level patterns. Usually, interactions between individuals allows groups of organisms to solve problems that exceed the cognitive capabilities of individuals. In this seminar I will present two different models to show how distributed system solve complex problems : Ants an Slime molds. I will show how these organisms adjust their behavior to environmental constraints. First, I will focus on traffic organization and decision making in ants and second I will present our recent data on decision making in slime molds.

    Lieu : salle MIP, 1er étage bat 1R3

  • Jeudi 6 juin 13:30-14:30 -


    Lieu : salle MIP, 1er étage bat 1R3

  • Jeudi 20 juin 13:30-14:30 - Nicolas Savy - IMT


    Lieu : salle MIP, 1er étage bat 1R3