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  • Géométrie complexe

    Jeudi 24 octobre 10:30-11:30 - Olivier Benoist - ENS Paris


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  • Séminaire Mathématiques pour la biologie

    Jeudi 24 octobre 13:30-14:30 - Matthias Zytnicki - INRA Castanet MIAT

    Finding differentially expressed sRNA-Seq regions with srnadiff, plus some stories about genome assembly.

    Résumé : In a first part, I will present my work on small RNA (sRNA) differential expression. sRNAs encompass a great variety of different molecules of different kinds, such as micro RNAs, small interfering RNAs, Piwi-associated RNA, among other. Small RNA sequencing is thus routinely used to assess the expression of the diversity of sRNAs, usually in the context of differentially expression, where two conditions are compared. Many tools have been presented to detect differentially expressed micro RNAs, because they are well documented, and the associated genes are well defined. However, tools are lacking to detect other types of sRNAs, which are less studied, and have an imprecise ``gene’’ structure. We present here a new method, called srnadiff, to find all kinds of differentially expressed sRNAs.
    In a second part, I will present you my current (preliminary) work on genome assembly, and more specifically on scaffolding using linked reads (10X technology).
    I will try to show how it can be related to a 1D-segmentation problem.
    I am looking forward to your advice on this type of data.

    Lieu : Salle MIP, 1er étage 1R3 IMT

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  • Séminaire doctorants Picard

    Jeudi 24 octobre 14:00-15:00 - Massimo Pippi


    Résumé : TBA

    Lieu : Salle Picard- 1R2

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