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  • Séminaire Maths-Physique IMT-LPT

    Jeudi 27 juin 15:00-16:00 - Maria JIVULESCU - Politehnica, Timisoara

    Random positive operator valued measures

    Résumé : We introduce several notions of random positive operator valued measures (POVMs), and we prove that some of them are equivalent. We then study statistical properties of the effect operators for the canonical examples, obtaining limiting eigenvalue distributions with the help of free probability theory. Similarly, we obtain the large system limit for several quantities of interest in quantum information theory, such as the sharpness, the noise content, and the probability range. Finally, we study different compatibility criteria, and we compare them for generic POVMs. Joint work with Teiko Heinosaari and I. Nechita (see arXiv:1902.04751)

    Lieu : Salle de Séminaire IRSAMC, portes N.325 et 327- 3e étage

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