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  • Groupe de Travail - K3

    Du 10 mai 09:00 au 7 juin 10:00 - Stephane lamy

    Groupe de Travail - K3

    Notes de dernières minutes : Cônes dans les K3

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  • Séminaire Analyse-EDP de l UT1

    Du 6 juin 09:00 au 8 juin 16:00 -

    Conférence EDP A UT1 in honor of Peter Takac

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  • Géométrie complexe

    Jeudi 6 juin 10:30-11:30 - Heather Macbeth - ENS Paris

    Exposé annulé

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  • Séminaire Mathématiques pour la biologie

    Jeudi 6 juin 13:30-14:30 - Brian Carlson (Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, University of Michigan)

    A Systematic Methodology for Parameter Subset Selection and Identification : Cardiovascular Function in Heart Transplant Patients.

    Résumé : Tackling an open biological question is typically done by obtaining experimental or clinical data and then using a biosimulation model to analyze the data to gain understanding. However once the biosimulation model is chosen, care must be taken to select parameters in the model that can be adjusted to yield a unique set of values for each dataset. If the selected parameter subset is unique then we have confidence that there is actually a difference when comparing the values across experiments, patients or animals. We have assembled an approach which utilizes sensitivity analysis and structured correlation methods to select a model parameter subset that can be uniquely identified using optimization methods to match experimental datasets. A final check to ensure identifiability in the neighborhood of the optimized parameter values using a delayed rejection adaptive metropolis (DRAM) algorithm will also be presented. This workflow will be illustrated in the context of identifying cardiovascular function in heart transplant patients during recovery. We will also discuss how to extend this methodology to choose between different biosmulation models subject to a given dataset.

    Lieu : salle MIP, 1er étage bat 1R3

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