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    Lundi 8 avril 12:30-13:30 - Emmanuel Rachelson - ISAE

    An Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning.

    Résumé : Deep Reinforcement Learning has become a hot topic over the recent years. This talk is designed for those who want to discover the topic from a rigorous (yet illustrative) point of view. Here is a tentative outline :

    • Introduction [target duration : 5 minutes],
    • Deep RL is RL, but deep. So we need an overview of RL foundations [target duration : 20 minutes],
    • Deep Q-networks [target duration : 10 minutes],
    • Towards the state of the art / hot topics [target duration : 10 minutes].

    Lieu : Amphithéâtre Schwartz, Bât 1R3.

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