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  • Mathématiques de l’apprentissage

    Lundi 5 novembre 2018 12:30-13:30 - Edouard Pauwels

    Stochastic algorithms working group.

    Résumé : We will be discussing the recent preprint, "Stochastic subgradient method converges on tame functions" by Davis and colleagues :
    The woking group is still looking for volunteers to present some work on the topic of stochastic algorithms and its connections to machine learning. Some suggestions are given there (feel free to add your own) :

    Lieu : Room 207, building 1R2, UPS.

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  • Séminaire d’analyse

    Lundi 5 novembre 2018 14:00-15:00 - Radoslaw Adamczak - Université de Varsovie

    The Hanson-Wright inequality in Banach Spaces

    Résumé : I will discuss two-sided bounds for moments and tails of Banach space valued quadratic forms in Gaussian random variables. I will state a natural conjecture and show that it holds up to additional logarithmic factors. Moreover in a certain class of Banach spaces (including $L_r$-spaces) these logarithmic factors may be eliminated. As a corollary one can obtain upper bounds for tails and moments of quadratic forms in subgaussian random variables, which extend the Hanson-Wright inequality (providing such bounds for real-valued quadratic forms).
    Based on joint work with Rafal Latala and Rafal Meller (University of Warsaw)

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