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  • Séminaire Mathématiques pour la biologie

    Jeudi 14 juin 2018 13:30-14:30 - Philippe Saint-Pierre - IMT

    R-vine copula and clinical trial simulation

    Résumé : A Clinical trial simulations (CTS) consist in studying the effects of a
    drug in virtual patient populations using mathematical models. CTS have
    been recognized by the pharmaceutical companies and regulatory
    authorities as being pivotal to improving the efficiency of the drug
    development process. This includes the use of CTS to learn about drug
    effectiveness and safety and to optimize trial designs at the various
    stages of development. The generation of virtual patients is a key point
    of the process. Two main approaches are proposed in the literature for
    this task. The Discrete method is based on Monte Carlo simulations from
    the joined distribution of the covariates whereas the Continuous method
    used a multi-normal distribution. We propose a third approach based on
    R-vines copula to generate virtual patients. Modelling patients’
    evolution over time is another challenging task. As an example, data on
    30000 HIV patients are used to evaluate various scenario of
    (approaching) switching to generics of many VIH drugs. Execution models
    are developed to update patients’ characteristics (including treatment
    and health state) over time. Simulations are performed to evaluate the
    cost of various switching to generics scenarios.

    Lieu : salle 106 1er étage bat 1R1

    Notes de dernières minutes : Attention, changement de salle : salle 106 1er étage bat 1R1

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