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  • Séminaire Analyse-EDP de l UT1

    Du 9 février 11:00 au 9 mars 12:30 - Peter TAKAC - Univ. Rostock

    Séminaire Analyse-EDP de l UT1

    Lieu : Manufacture des Tabacs - 21 Allees de Brienne TOULOUSE

    Notes de dernières minutes : Semilinear Equations of Fisher type

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  • Géométrie complexe

    Vendredi 9 mars 09:00-10:00 - Tim Kirschner - Universität Duisburg-Essen

    Group actions on holomorphic Lagrangian fibrations

    Résumé : Let $n$ be a natural number, $G$ be a finite subgroup of the general linear group of degree $n$, and $B$ be an open neighborhood of the origin in $\mathbb C^n$ on which $G$ acts by matrix multiplication. Moreover, let $f \colon (X,\sigma) \to B$ be a holomorphic Lagrangian fibration and assume that we are given a holomorphic symplectic action of $G$ on $(X,\sigma)$ which makes the map $f$ equivariant.
    In my talk I ask : When the action of $G$ on $X$ is fixed point free, so that we can form the quotient $X/G$ as a complex manifold, what can we say about $G$ ? If $n=1$, for instance, the group $G$ is necessarily trivial. I will present partial results for $n>1$ and explain how these can be applied to study the singularities of base spaces of fibrations on irreducible holomorphic symplectic manifolds.

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