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  • Mathématiques de l’apprentissage

    Jeudi 25 janvier 12:30-13:30 - Paula Gordaliza - Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse

    Obtaining fairness using optimal transport theory

    Résumé : Currently, algorithms are being used to make decisions, both large and small, in almost all aspects of our lives. But how do we know if these algorithms are biased, involve illegal discrimination or are unfair ? The study of Fairness is developed in a framework in which it is assumed that there exists a protected variable, whose use as an input of the algorithm may imply discrimination. In this talk, a review of the main definitions of fairness in Machine Learning is done to focus on two of them, which are based either on the outcome of the algorithm or on the error committed by it, across the different groups determined by the protected variable. When a procedure lacks of one of this two kinds of fairness, we will say that it has Disparate Impact (DI) and Disparate Mistreatment (DM), respectively. In these situations, our goal is to combat discrimination. This can be done by modifying either the classifiers or the data itself. Our work falls into the second category and changes the input data using optimal transport theory.

    Lieu : Salle 106, batiment 1R1, UPS.

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  • Petit Séminaire MIP

    Jeudi 25 janvier 12:47-13:12 - Claudia Negulescu - IMT

    Lieu : Salle MIP (à confirmer)

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