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  • Séminaire doctorants Picard

    Mercredi 5 avril 2017 10:30-11:30 - Sara Durighetto

    C’est quoi … une transformation de Cremona ?

    Résumé : In birational geometry, the study of the Cremona group (the set of the automorphisms of the projective spaces) is a very important issue.
    By the Noether-Castelnuovo theorem we know a set of generators just for the Cremona group of the plane.
    The aim of this seminar is to explain what is it a plane Cremona transformation.
    In order to speak about it, I will give a small introduction to blow-ups and then some application like the contraction of some sets of lines.
    I will focus on the geometric point of view with a lot of drawings, there won’t be too many calculation, I promise !

    Lieu : Salle Picard (129-1R2)

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