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Services d’appui à la recherche

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Three services are involved in supporting research in the heart of the IMT :

Organigramme des services d’appui

The Administration Center provides aid with all administration services which accompanies life in the IMT and includes :

  • the management of finances and accounting of resources which are allocated for the achievement of its objectives,
  • the management of its human resources (permanent and temporary).

It also provides local support in :

  • the creation of institutional and industrial partnerships dossiers,
  • the organization of domestic and international scientific conferences,
  • public communications,
  • logistics and public safety and security.

It is the main contact for the administrative services of IMT’s regulatory institutions (Université Paul Sabatier, CNRS, INSA of Toulouse, Université of the Mirail, Université Capitole).

See contacts and their missions

The Computer and Calculation Center :

  • implements and maintains all IT resources, hardware and software of the IMT
  • supports the IT needs of the 350 members of the IMT
  • provides moreover support to research on issues specifically related to the field of Mathematics such as the refining of algorithms, the aid of adapting specific code language.

The Mathematics Library is the reference center for documenting mathematical research in the Midi-Pyrénées area.

It is a member of the national network of Mathematical Libraries (GDS CNRS). At the local level, it is part of the Network of University libraries in Toulouse and collaborates in the collective catalogue of the “Archipel” network and its associated services. It is equally an associated library with the shared documentation service of the l’Université Paul Sabatier.
It is also the library for the IREM of Toulouse.
The library welcomes all of the members in these networks, as well as the community of the scientists and industry workers in the region that are interested in documenting research in mathematics.

The Mathematics and Mechanical Library is managed by the Institute of Mathematics, in association with the Institute of Fluid Mechanics of Toulouse and the IREM. It is guided by the library board which is made up of representatives of the different research groups, associated sites and laboratories and a chief scientist.

For the services and documentary resources made available from the community, please refer to the link “Library” on this site.