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Administration Center

by Delphine Dallariva - published on

The Administration center works with 350 permanent and temporary staff in the IMT, whilst taking charge of the administrative actions in the following areas :

Orientation and Logistics

The orientation of new IMT staff, building management, room reservations, keys, mail, offices …
Marie-Line Domenjole
Building 1R3 – Ground floor - Office 4

General Business

Contact with the IMT Chair and Main Secretary, interdisciplinary dossier coordination, external communications (communication supports, web site…), monitoring internal events (Committee of Chiefs, Laboratory Advisory Board), diffusion of internal information (general information, seminary announcements…), safety and security, internal monitoring data.
IMT Chair
Delphine Dalla-Riva
Building 1R3 -1st floor -Office 108


Development and monitoring of the budget, budget adjustment, assets.
Karima Hilal
Building 1R3 -1st floor - Office 103

International Cooperation

Funding management (missions, orders) dedicated to international exchanges (APC, ATUPS, GDRE, UMI, LIA …)
Marie-Laure Ausset
Building 1R3 - 1st floor - Office 110
05.61.55. 67.72

Financial and Accounting Management

Support of missions and orders, funding tracking (fellowships and grants resources), relationships with suppliers, hierarchy controls.
Contact for Research Group Émile Picard
Jocelyne Picard
Building 1R3 -1st floor - Office 105

Contacts for Mathematics Group and Industry and Physics Group
Zohra Kallel and Janani Chandran
Bât.1R3 -1er étage -Bureau 103 and 83.14 and

Contact for the Statistics and Probability Group
Françoise Michel
Building 1R3 -1st floor - Office 104

Human Resources

Permanent Faculty at the IMT (Instructors, researchers, BIATSS)
Orientation of new staff (opening accounts, office distribution, logistics), preparation of staff administrative, updating personnel administration positions (tenure, promotion, advancement, sabbatical leave, office hours, availability, parental leave …), publication of human resources information.
Delphine Dalla-Riva
Building 1R3 -1st floor - Office 108

Temporary faculty at the IMT (Doctoral students, short term research contracts, guests, internships)
Orientation and follow up on work contracts, internships contracts, invitation preparations, Human resources intervention for acquiring a visa
Tamara Azaiez-Bontemps
Building 1R3 -1st floor - Office 109

Scientific Events

Support in the organization of conferences, symposia, seminars presented by the IMT and the management of its corresponding funding (missions, orders)
Marie-Laure Ausset and Alexandra Villette
Building 1R3 - 1st floor - Offices 110 and 109 and 89.67 and

Contract Relationships and Partnerships

Administration and financial support for the creation of funding dossiers (ANR, industrial contracts), dissemination of call for proposals, interface with the Partnership and Valuation Services of institutions connected with the IMT (CNRS, Université Paul Sabatier, INSA), management of IMT data in relation to partnerships.
Karima Hilal
Building 1R3 -1st floor - Office 103