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by Christophe Ségui - published on , updated on

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Welcome to the IT page for the Institute of Mathematics of Toulouse.

You will find many services here offered to this community, grouped by theme (Access is only for Institute members):

  • The communication tools :email, email mailing lists, web publications (Institutional site, personal web page, event page, wordpress site) and monitoring tools, exchange large files outside of the Institute, publication of special events on the Institute site and/or in the IMT newsletter, setting up a video conference.
  • Desktop computer: distribution of equipment, purchase of equipment, purchase of software, email configuration, Institute’s printer configuration, demand of (free) specific software. What to do in the case of accidental file loss (on a laptop, on a landline, on email).
  • Access to shared resources : Calculation resources (available programs and access), class room, amphitheater and meeting room reservations, video conferencing system (Amphi Schwartz).
  • Working at home or on the go : Access to electronic reviews (Docadis, Mathrice), access to laboratory resources from the outside, VPN, and synchronize a folder between multiple computers (cloud IMT), using free tools (DropBox, GoogleDrive, Skype …)