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Fermat Prize 2019 presentation

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Closing date for applications to the 2019 Fermat Prize : June 30th 2019

The Fermat Prize rewards the research work of one or several mathematicians in fields where the contributions of Pierre de Fermat have been decisive:

  • Statements of Variational Principles, or more generally partial differential equations,
  • Foundations of Probability and Analytical Geometry,
  • Number Theory.

The prize rewards research results within these fields accessible to a large number of professionnal mathematicians. Therefore a brilliant result which could only be understood, interesting or useful to a limited number of specialized mathematicians cannot be considered.

The jury will consider young mathematicians only (not older than 45 at the time of the submission of their application) and will prefer recent research results (obtained during the last five years). The Fermat Prize is not awarded to research groups, institutions or laboratories.

The Fermat Prize started in 1987 and is awarded once every two years in Toulouse; the sixteenth award will be announced in 2019. The award amounts to a total of 20.000€ granted by the Région Occitanie Pyrénées Méditerranée. The prize ceremony will include:

  • a lecture delivered by the winner(s) at the Paul Sabatier University;
  • a prize-awarding ceremony under the aegis of the Région Occitanie.

The recipient(s) will publish a survey article about the award-winning research work in the Annales de la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse ; this paper should be accessible to professionnal mathematicians who are not experts on the subject and will explain the significance of the award-winning results.

The laureates from the previous sessions are:
A. Bahri, K. A. Ribet (1989) - J.-L. Colliot-Thélène (1991) - J.-M. Coron (1993) - A. J. Wiles (1995) - M. Talagrand (1997) - F. Bethuel, F. Hélein (1999) - R. L. Taylor, W. Werner (2001) - L. Ambrosio (2003) - P. Colmez, J.-F. Le Gall (2005) - C. Khare (2007) - E. Lindenstrauss, C. Villani (2009) - M. Bhargava, I. Rodnianski (2011) - C. De Lellis, M. Hairer (2013) - L. Saint-Raymond, P. Scholze (2015) - S. A. Brendle, N. Masmoudi (2017).


The application file can be completed and submitted by:

  • the applicant him/herself;
  • or by a mathematician wishing to «sponsor» the application of another, and who would complete the application on his/her behalf (without the applicant necessarily being aware of it).

Application content:

  • 1. Detailed curriculum vitae and academic record of the candidate.
  • 2. List of publications, including works not connected with application to the Prize.
  • 3. A summary of the research works which would justify awarding the Prize.
  • 4. A handwritten statement by the candidate or sponsor attesting to the truthfulness of the material supplied, and to the authenticity of the documents and other information provided.

To back up this presentation, the following could also be appended:

  • copies of research work published in international journals;
  • confidential opinions of personalities from the mathematical community as to the content, range and usefulness of the results presented by the candidate;
  • names of personalities who could be directly contacted by the committee and asked to send recommendation letters for the candidate.

These documents are non-returnable.

Submission of the registration form implies unconditional acceptance of these rules by the candidate or his/her sponsor. The application must be written in French or English, excluding any other language.

Applications are to be sent to the coordinator of the Fermat Prize:

- either by email at:

- or by mail at :
Prix Fermat de Recherche en Mathématiques
Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse
Université Paul Sabatier
31062 Toulouse cedex 9

Closing date for applications to the 2019 Fermat Prize: June 30th 2019

Results: December 2019

Presentation in Toulouse, and Fermat Prize award ceremony: Spring 2020

Deadline for the reception of the manuscript for the Annales de la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse: end of 2020.

For more information, please download the english version of the rules governing the award of the Fermat Prize: regulation 2019