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Sharing Higher-order Advanced Know-how on Finite Volumes – SHARK-FV

par Delphine Dallariva - publié le

After the success of the first SHARK-FV conference in 2014, the second Sharing Higher-order Advanced Know-how on Finite Volume conference, SHARK-FV 2015, will be held at the Hotel Parque Do Rio, close to Braga, Portugal, from May the 18th up to May the 22th.

The main purpose of this conference is to strengthen the collaborations between Finite Volume (FV) field actors and to share the burden of research and development of numerical codes of FV type. This workshop brings the opportunity for Researchers from International Universities and National Laboratories to discuss the State-of-the-Art of high(er)-order Finite Volume methods for a large range of Physics and Engineering problems.
Each morning presentations are given by experts in the field while the afternoon sessions are dedicated to intensive parallel workshops articulated around few collaborators.

The purposes of the workshops are :

  • to reinforce already existing collaborations ;
  • to create new interactions between researchers in the same field ;
  • to share detailed and technical experiences on specific issues and exchange ideas, codes, test cases…

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