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Semaine thématique KPZ

par Delphine Dallariva - publié le

Semaine thématique KPZ du 19 au 23 mai 2014, IMT, Bât 1R3, Amphithéâtre Schwartz.

The KPZ universality class is a loose physical concept encompassing a very large variety of models of one-dimensional interface growth. Recently, substantial mathematical progress has been made on the understanding of two natural universality conjectures. The strong conjecture states that every model in the KPZ class, when suitably rescaled, converges in law to one and the same object, the "KPZ fixed point". The weak conjecture states that those models having furthermore a tuneable asymmetry converge, in the limit of weak asymmetry and when viewed at large scales, to solutions to the KPZ equation.

This workshop will bring together mathematicians and theoretical physicists working in this area to expose the latest developments and foster new collaborations.

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