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Lecture 3 by Persi Diaconis : X=cooking

par Delphine Dallariva - publié le

Lecture 3. X=cooking.

(Tuesday, March 11th, 9h-11h, bât. 1R3 rdc, Amphi Schwartz)

The Mathematics of Cooking Potatoes

Abstract : When food is stirred around in a frying pan, some ill-defined ergodic theorem explains that it gets roughly evenly browned and cooked. In joint work with Jean-Luc Thifault and Susan Holmes we have begun to make math of this.Typical theorem : picture n slices of potatoes around a circular pan. A spatula of radius d is inserted at random and those d slices are turned over. How long does it take until the up/down pattern becomes random ? It turns out that it doesn’t depend on d ; a tiny little spatula of radius one is as effective as a big spatula of radius n/2. I will also report some careful (and tasty) experimental work involving the heat equation.

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