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Semaine "Mathématiques et biologie, systèmes de particules et réaction-diffusion"

par Delphine Dallariva - publié le , mis à jour le

La semaine "Mathématiques et biologie, systèmes de particules et réaction-diffusion" du trimestre EDP et Probabilités organisé par CIMI
se tiendra du 17 au 21 mars 2014 à l’Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse, Amphithéâtre Schwartz, Bât. 1R3.

Abstract :
There is a rich interplay between theoretical biology, probabilistic tools and PDEs. One of the oldest examples is the Fisher-KPP (from the three authors Kolmogorov, Petrovskii, Piskunov) reaction-diffusion equation, which is a commonly used model for biological invasions. It occurs that it also arises in the theory of branching processes, which pose fascinating questions in probability. Both PDEs and Probabilistic tools are broadly used to model and investigate increasingly complex biological phenomena : evolution/population dynamics, collective motions/swarming, genetics, cellular growth, …

The goal of this week is to bring together specialists of those fields to review the state of the art and to account for some of the most promising resarch directions. The week will be composed of five mini-courses of 4h30 each, and several invited research talks. We hope that this school will give a flavour of the activity going on in the field, foster new interactions and, why not, create vocations among the younger public. Although the program is quite rich, we hope that there will be enough time left between conferences for informal discussions.

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